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About the Mosel region

Ellenz is situated on the river Mosel, 50 km up the river from Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine. Wine is growing and production has a long tradition in our village, dating back many centuries. As in many other villages alongside the Mosel and the Rhine, you can taste and buy some of the best wines of Germany directly from the winegrowers who hold nature and quality wines in high esteem.

Our village is located in a long curve of the river, facing South. Just on the other side you will find the marvellous Beilstein, one of the most popular villages at the Mosel. Ellenz is a great starting point for many attractive destinations, like the cities of Cochem, Trier, and Koblenz. Cologne and Luxembourg are interesting destinations for a one-day trip, as well as Idar-Oberstein which is internationally renowned for its mastery in gemstone manufacturing. The Vulkaneifel known for its wonderful volcano crater lakes and the German Volcano Museum are less than an hour's drive from Ellenz.

Not only the destinations but driving itself is an attraction - here, clearly the journey is the reward. Many medieval castles guard the river valleys on both sides, and the mountains around it give our region its unique look with the steep, wine-overgrown hillsides.

Travelling through the valleys by car is a great experience, but it is nothing compared to doing the same by bike or on foot. Discovering the surroundings of our village, you will find countless spots with amazing views which make you never want to leave the place again. Hiking, climbing, and Nordic Walking complete the wide range of activities for both the leisure-seeking and the active tourist.

Further nearby attractions and events for an exciting stay:

  • Climb up Europe's steepest vineyard, the Calmont
  • Hold team-building events or just have fun in one of three adventure forest parks
  • Experience true local culture at wine festivals, held regularly each year. You will find one at almost any given weekend, but the peak is in August and September
  • Enjoy the beautiful Mosel valley – without cars! Once every year cars are forbidden for a whole day, and bikers and hikers come to enjoy this event called Happy Mosel.
  • Pure excitement in the world of speed: visit Nürburgring, one of the Formula 1 race tracks.